T-Shirts & Stickers

T-shirt printing is fairly straight forward, the more print colours you have the more expensive the shirts become, that's screen printing I'm afraid. All prices require you to email me your artworks and these will be printed to a professional standard, minimum order of 10 shirts to cover set-up costs, repeat orders will work out slightly cheaper as there will be no set-up costs involved.
There are cheaper shirt options but quality deteriorates quickly, OK for freebies!
Prices below are just a guide, mail me your requirements and I'll do you a quote.

Maybe you need some stickers, I can screenprint any size and as many colours as you can afford. All you need to do is email your logo to the size and print colour you require and I'll do the rest - you can also have a mix of background colours if you want, giving you endless options. Below are just some guide prices, email me for a quote!

All T-shirts are screen printed, not iron on images that will fall off after two washes and the stickers are again screen printed onto top quality self -adhesive vinyl bases and will stick to pretty much anything - as you can see from above. I'm sure you can find a use for one or two of them.

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