Special Offer
Somebody always used to say "If you give something away it devalues the product" - however it's a great form of publicity! So If you order 15 or more T-shirts I will also send you 100 FREE  stickers to your design printed in 1 colour.

Pace Single Speed Dropouts
  OK it's a limited market, but if you happen to own a Pace RC200 frameset and want to try the mad world of single speed now is your chance. I've had 10 sets of slotted dropouts CNC'ed as the set on the right, as far as I know they will fit any model of RC200 from F2's up to F8's (if this proves wrong I will happily return your money)
  If you wish to buy a set or want to know more please e-mail me and I will give you some more details.

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